The Archaeologist’s Home also begins its school year, like all schools, with a completely new educational program for the wonderful Mycenaean world and its Linear B Script specially designed for elementary students! What if this world is distant? We break his secret codes and bring him to us as we narrate his myths, observe and touch his replicas, ‘bring to life’ scenes from his clay vases.
But not only that! We also create our own clay ‘pages’- Linear B tablets written in the first Greek of the world, as the Mycenaeans themselves did!

The Archaeologist’s Home does not forget its favorite program that many children participated in and remember! This time, however, our action has been designed especially for Kindergarten and Elementary students (1st, 2nd, 3rd grade). What is it like to live in a city under which there is another ancient city? What is it like to live in a country where ancient history springs up from everywhere? A narrative about all that surrounds us, focusing on Ancient Athens, full of myths, experiments, mystery, excavations and archaeological study! Lilliputian archaeologists please hurry up, the ancient ruins of Athens ‘talk’ to you in their own way and have been waiting for you for such a long time!

The Archaeologist's Home begins the new academic year with an educational programme for children of 5-7 year old. Through a playful narrative, children understand the way the earth safeguards the ruins within it, as well as the secrets of people who lived and created in previous eras. The children gradually understand the logic of the stratigraphic sequences, which is so common in cities that have been inhabited for thousands of years, such as Athens. They become acquainted with the importance of the work of archaeologists: to open the ‘book of the earth’, to read through the findings, and ultimately to reconstruct the history of our city.

Archaeologist's Home launches a series of archaeological seminars. The first seminar, entitled "Greeks: to where and from where? An archaeological and interdisciplinary search in space and time", is carried out in collaboration with Aegeus - Society for Aegean Prehistory. In this seminar of ten thematic lessons, Dr. Theodoros G. Giannopoulos will examine the evolution of Greeks, "from where" (πόθεν) and "to where" (ποῖ δὴ), in a diachronic and interdisciplinary way. The seminar will present the latest scientific developments on the origins of Greek civilisation, through the relevant research work of the speaker.

The Acropolis Museum inaugurated on 14 September 2018 the exhibition "From the forbidden city: imperial apartments of Qianlong". The exhibition presents personal items, works of art and furniture from the enclosed apartments of China Emperor Qianlong (1711-1799) in the Forbidden City of Beijing. The objects represent a century of Chinese culture. The Archaeologist's Home, through its collaborator Dr. Vicky Elefanti, has undertaken the translation of the texts of the exhibition.

The Archaeologist's Home is happy to present the book Gift to Anna Apostolaki. Her life, work and contribution (Αντίδωρο στην Άννα Αποστολάκι. Η ζωή, το έργο και η συνεισφορά της). The book was published by the Lyceum Club of Greek Women. The  Archaeologist's Home undertook the design and the production of the book. The book publishes the results of a workshop held in Athens on 24 November 2015. It was dedicated to the life and work of the archaeologist and folklorist Anna Apostolaki (1881-1958), a pioneering woman of Greek science. She was one of the first students of the University of Athens, one of the first female members of many scientific societies and the first woman director of a museum in Greece.

The Archaeologist’s Home was founded during the turmoil of the recent financial and cultural crisis in Greece. Its primary aim is to bring new, innovative and imaginative ideas to archaeology and Greek culture in general. In particular to act as a home for archaeologists as well as those working more generally within the field and to enable them to achieve their full potential.