About the educational programmes

The Archaeologist's Home organizes thematic educational programs for children that are presented periodically at its Headquarters and in school environments.
The programs are designed exclusively by archaeologists with pedagogical skills and experience.


Our target perimeter

We mainly focus on organized school groups as well as age-homogeneous small-scale groups.


Our inspiration
Our inspiration derives from the bottomless pool of Greek cultural heritage! Everything fits in this great heritage and inspires us, from the stories and sufferings of the ancient heroes of Greek mythology, the most imaginative and evocative mythology in the entire world, to the findings of the excavations that surround us, as well as the customs and life cycle of modern Greek society.


Our approach
Our approach develops in a way that children truly taste the joy of storytelling, absorbing at the same time knowledge in a simple and understandable way that corresponds to their developmental level and practicing observation as well. Above all, however, they finally build a 'different', experiential relationship with the cultural object, away from didacticism, activating their emotion and creating their small personal narrative about all these great things that surround them.


Our goal
We activate children’s power of observation, emotion and understanding through experience enabling them to approach, get acquainted and finally love the cultural reserve of this beautiful and strange homeland called Greece, a small yet rich in history homeland. Only in this way, after all, as future adults will they secure the conditions to protect its heritage.

Ο θεός Δίας στο άρμα του. W. Hamilton &amp; J. Tischbein, <i>Collection of Engravings from Ancient Vases</i> I (1791), πίν. 31.
Ο θεός Δίας στο άρμα του. W. Hamilton & J. Tischbein, Collection of Engravings from Ancient Vases I (1791), πίν. 31.