Mycenaean Secrets

Mycenaean Secrets


Break the secret codes and enter the wondrous world of Mycenaeans and Linear B Script! 


New educational program lasting 120 minutes especially designed for school groups!


School Year: 2022-2023

Age Perimeter: Elementary students (3rd grade)

Venue: Headquarters of the Archaeologist’s Home (1, Litous Street Marousi) or alternatively the school class


Said educational program attempts to bring students in contact with the world of Mycenaeans and the structural / functional role of Linear B Script in it. It is divided into two parts.


Part A.  Grasping the narrative thread of the Mycenaean world and Linear B Script!

A playful narrative regarding the history of the Mycenaean world as well as the use of the Linear B Script as its essential characteristic has its place at this point. Everything fits into this narrative and enriches it - synapses and associations of children who flourish with the conquest of the material of the 3rd grade’s History lesson, rich visual material, and even dramatization of scenes from the iconography of Mycenaean clay vases by the students themselves!


Part B. Creating and reconstructing our own Mycenaean objects!

Students discover in their own way the ancient Mycenaean world as they observe, activate their senses and participate in activities of direct experience. They observe replicas of Linear B Script tablets, tangible samples of a world so distant that it wrote and spoke the first Greek! While they also create their own clay “pages” – tablets engraving on them with sharp tools the symbols of Linear B and sealing them with their personal expression!



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