LiIIiputian Archaeologists

LiIIiputian Archaeologists


School Year: 2022-2023

Age Perimeter: Kindergarten students / Elementary students (1st, 2nd and 3rd grade)

Venue: Headquarters of the Archaeologist’s Home (1, Litous Street Marousi) or alternatively a specially organized area of the school upon arrangement


Said educational program attempts to bring students in contact with the ancient Greek world and the ancient Greek heritage that surrounds us, focusing on the example of the city of Athens and is divided into three parts.


Part A. We narrate the history of our city!

The students, through a playful narrative that puts at its center the example of the ancient Agora of Athens and the Acropolis, gradually understand the way the earth of Attica preserves within it the ruins, and the secrets of the past people who lived and created in each era in a different way each time. And all this by using sketches, photographs, maps, a small hidden sherd, even representations of images of clay vases by the students themselves, as a constant stimulus to approach this so charming and full of magnetism world of the ancients and to compose our own narrative about it!


Part B. We do our own excavation and become lilliputian archaeologists!

The students discover in their own way the ancient Greek world using experimental approach. They carry out their own excavation, an excavation like the ones that are carried out so often in the Attic land! The action is organized in a specially designed artificial pit in the courtyard of the organization “Archaeologist’s Home” or in a properly designed area within the school environment. Copies of ancient objects from excavations, either intact or common fragments, clay sherds, mortars and other small objects, become findings in the hands of Lilliputian Archaeologists!


Part C. We study and reconstruct our archaeological findings!

After the completion of the excavation, the students proceed to the next stage of the archaeological work, the study and reconstruction of the findings. They thus reconstruct the findings they have already identified by observing the clay and mortar, raw materials completely unfamiliar to modern times, but so common for the ancient world. Small sherds are now being made notebooks for children's hands and fragments of mortar are brought together with the cooperation of the whole team to reconstruct scenes from ancient frescoes!


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