Many people have contributed to the creation of the Archaeologist’s Home and their efforts have allowed the company to become a reality. Sincerest thanks are due to:


  • Result Management Consultants and in particular Alkistis Chatziioannidou, whose professional advice, expertise and conscientiousness led to the successful completion of the programme and acceptance of the Archaeologist’s Home by NSRF 2007-2013. Thanks are also due to Maria Andreou and Labadi Kalogeropoulou, as well as Nikos Laloumis and Ioannis Kefalouros.
  • K2Design and in particular Ioannis Kouroudis for lengthy and constructive discussions regarding the naming of the new company, its logo and the design of its website. Warmest thanks are also due to the graphic artists Maria Karvouni, Giannis Kondylis and Chrysafis Chrysafis, as well as the secretarial assistant Georgia Xithali.
  • Anastasia Christofilopoulou, Yiannis Galanakis, Elena Maragoudaki, Nicoletta Momigliano and Ioanna Moutafi for their essential contribution in selecting the name of the company in Greek and English.
  • Pc Manager company and especially Sotiris Kokkos for the construction of the website.
  • Stavros Arvanitopoulos, Giorgos Chiotis, Dimosthenis Donos, Vicky Elefanti, Lina Georgiou, Orestis Goulakos, Panagiotis Kagaras, Natassa Leriou, Maria Mougnai, Elena Palaiologou, Eleni Petraka, Eleni Rousodimou, Dimitris Sakkas, and in particular Ioanna Ninou, all esteemed colleagues at the Archaeological Society at Athens when the Archaeologist’s Home was under construction.
  • The Emerita Ephor of Antiquities, Dr Angeliki Lebessi, who trusted the company before its formal launch.
  • Vicky Elefanti for her translation of the original Greek text to English.
  • Giorgos Diamantis for editing the Greek texts.
  • Indigital Company and in particular Konstantinos Rouptsos, Alexandros Kovis and Manolis Galanopoulos concerning 3D digitization.
  • Errikos Aidinis, Michael Boyd, Stefi Chlouveraki, Tzortzina Florou, Martha Giannakopoulou, Maria Holeva, Ioanna Karadima, Sotiris Kolydas, Garyfallia Kostopoulou, Filippos Koutsaftis, Petros Kouzoupis, Yiannis Lapokonstantakis, Antonios Panagopoulos, Stella Raftopoulou, Elias Spathoulas, Tatiana Theodoropoulou, Panagiotis Tsakopoulos, Nikos Zivas and Lefteris Zorzos, for any help they provided to the creation of this company.
The wind Zephyrus from the Horologion of Andronikos Kyrrhestes, better known as Tower of the Winds (1st c. BC). J. Stuart &amp; N. Revett, <i>Antiquities of Athens</i> (1762), chap. III, p. 23 &amp; pl. XVIII.
The wind Zephyrus from the Horologion of Andronikos Kyrrhestes, better known as Tower of the Winds (1st c. BC). J. Stuart & N. Revett, Antiquities of Athens (1762), chap. III, p. 23 & pl. XVIII.
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